The 2021 Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring with exclusive access through an F1® Experiences Official Ticket PackageFRI 3 JULY - SUN 5 JULY 2021
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The 2021 Austrian Grand Prix
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2021 Austrian Grand Prix: Betting Tips&Online Betting Advice

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Tips efficiency - 90 %

Verstappen is a Belgium-Dutch professional F1 racer, and at only 17 years old, he has made an appearance in the F1 championship for team Red Bull Racing. Verstappen made history as the youngest racer to compete in Formula One at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix for Scuderia Toro Rosso. If the 2016 Austrian Grand Prix results are anything to go by, then the young driver has the potential it takes to reach the podium, at least that's what F1 betting odds are showing.

Coefficient - 6
Tips efficiency - 90 %

This Formula One professional racer is currently the bookies' favorite at 6/5 to win the race at the Red Bull Ring in early July. The three-time F1 World Championship winner is topping the Formula 1 odds and is considered the best to ever compete in the Formula One World Championship, having a good chance of winning this year’s Austrian Grand Prix since he has put on an excellent show in the previous meetings. He comes as 2016's event winner.

He has a strong team behind him, Mercedes AMG Petronas, and the F1 betting world goes crazy for this pair. The fact that he won last year’s edition at the same venue makes him the most likely candidate to take home the trophy for the upcoming event. If you are planning to bet on the race winner, your best choice would be Lewis Hamilton.

Coefficient - 10
Tips efficiency - 87 %

Ricciardo is an Australian racer currently competing in the FI for Red Bull Racing. He made an appearance at the Bahrain and Australian GP, and he clinched position 4 in both championships. He is one of the best F1 2016 drivers and even though he retired from the Chinese GP due to a tyre blowout, he silenced the critics with his wonderful show at the Spanish GP where he managed position 3.

This professional racer made his first pole position at the Monaco GP where he managed to clinch position 2. He has shown great potential to cause an upset in the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix where he will compete for team Red Bull Racing. We believe he will finish in top 6.

Coefficient - 11
Tips efficiency - 89 %

The Finnish racer, who’s also known as “The Ice Man,” is currently signed with Ferrari and is topping the F1 title odds. In last year’s season, Raikkonen had to retire from the first race because his airbox caught fire. He also made an appearance at the Bahrain Grand Prix where he finished in the second place.

He appeared in the Chinese Grand Prix where he collided with his team mate Sebastian Vettel but still managed to finish in position 5. He also took part in the Russian Grand Prix where he came third in the race. He went on to participate in the Spanish Grand Prix and finished second. This year’s season looks promising for the Finnish racer as he gained his first pole position at Monaco. He could do very well in a match up bet with Bottas and Ricciardo, two great Formula One champions.

Coefficient - 4.33
Tips efficiency - 80 %

This German professional road racer currently competing for Scuderia Ferrari has exhibited wonderful form in the past races of the Formula One and online betting tips always include his name. Not only has he won the F1 World Championship 4 times, he had a good season last year where he managed to clinch position 3 at the Australian GP, and position 2 at the Chinese GP.

While he’s had a few mishaps with his car, considering that it put him out of the Bahrain GP, the professional racer still has a lot to offer come early July when the rubber meets the road at the Red Bull Ring. F1 betting odds show that Vettel is 5/4 to win the race, so he’s a good handicap to consider in your bet but the best choice is to go all-in with a winning margin bet (over 5 seconds, with Hamilton on Pole Position).

Discover 2021 Austrian Grand Prix

Formula One championship enjoys massive following across the world. While many fans are in it purely for the pleasure and entertainment, others are in it to chase the money that comes with betting on the F1 races. And now that the 2021 Austrian Grand Prixis right around the corner, gamblers are busy analyzing the sport to improve their chances of making winning combinations in their stakes.

But not all understand the intricacies of gambling on the F1 championship. In fact, only a few do, and these are the veteran punters who know the types of bets in the Formula 1 betting world. Well, if you fall under this category, you may have won yourself a few bucks from making winning stakes.

But if you don’t understand the process of betting on the Formula One championship, then allow us to bring you in on some of the types of bets you can make on F1.

Online Betting Advice: Types of Bets

There are many ways for one to bet on the F1. You are allowed to make multiple selections for drivers you think have the most potential to win a race, though you can also put your stake on a match up bet, top-6 finishers, podium finishers, and a wide variety of prop stakes. Here is a quick rundown of F1 betting options.

Race Winners

This is the most common betting option in most sports and it entails making a selection of who you think has the most potential to win a race, and it pays out if your selection takes the win. If they lose, you lose your wager as well.

Discover 2021 Austrian Grand Prix

F1 Top 3 Bets

Top 3 bets are also called Podium Bets and you basically select a driver (or more) that you think will finish in the top three in a race. It does not matter if they finish in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st position, your payout is always the same. Betting tips almost always include this one.

Match up Bets

This one entails handicapping 2-6 racers pitted against each other in F1 odds and selecting who you think will have the highest finish in the championship or race.

Winning Margin

This bet entails selecting difference in finishing time between two finishers in a race. Most books apply them as simple over/under bets and these are quite popular with punters because of the likely chance of making the correct prediction.

These are just some of the betting options you have on F1. More include the F1 top 6 bets, future bets, and even the F1 prop bets.

Here’s a review of this year’s Austrian Grand Prix odds for different racers.

2021 Austrian Grand Prix: Best Betting Tips

First, you need to understand that gambling is risky and you could lose your money if your selections do not win as anticipated. You need to have an open mind, choose the best uk online casino and know that anything can happen and that your handicapping may or may not win. If you win, good luck with your winnings, but if you lose, then there is always another day to do the handicapping for another chance to win big at Formula 1 betting.

Many punters claim to offer tips on how to make proper bets on F1. But just like other sports, Formula One is not easy to predict and the championship may not give out the expected results, even with great betting tips from seasoned punters. Therefore, it is almost impossible to give out 100% winning tips, and if anyone claims so, know right there and then that they are a scammer waiting to swindle you out of your hard earned bankroll.

Discover 2021 Austrian Grand Prix

The best way to be safe while betting on this sport is by being extremely careful. Unlike other regular betting advisers out there, at least we are legit with our advice because we want the best for you. Not only do we provide all the relevant information that will help you make correct handicapping, we also provide you free sports betting tips that we feel will give you the best chance to make some money from your gambling investments.

We understand that just because you want to make bets does not mean you have loads of money to waste around, no. We believe that each person has a different purpose for betting and that the money you invest in any wager means a lot to you. That is why we go all the way out to give you the best tips you can find on how to go about F1 betting.

Here, you will find the best new online casino betting tips, odds, predictions (because we trust our analysis and make bets based on this same analysis that we give to you), and various betting offers from the most trustful bookies.  . We understand that it’s our duty to give you the best of what’s on offer. Follow our tips and advice on betting on F1 and you will not regret your decision.

Read our free betting tips and get started!

The 2021 Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring with exclusive access through an F1® Experiences Official Ticket PackageFRI 3 JULY - SUN 5 JULY 2021
This race starts in:
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