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The 2019 Austrian Grand Prix
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About Us

The Austrian-Grand-Prix Club is a web portal designed with the sole purpose to provide you with the insights of one of the most exciting F1 races in the world. The team that manages these ports consists not just of journalists and editors, but statisticians and big data managers as well. We gather intel and information from every possible place and boil it all together. The final result is unique insights, in-depth reviews, and eye-opening statistics. All that in one place, our web portal. We don’t quote anyone; we are the ones that get quoted.

Author Bio

Raymond Holland is a sports journalist born in Leeds, UK. He has a BA Journalism and Media degree from University of Leeds. He worked for newspapers like the Daily Mirror, The Sunday Times, and The Sun on Sunday. In 2001 he came to report on the Austrian Grand Prix. He likes the country so much that he decided to move there. In 2002 he founded his news agency. He translated his passion for F1 in the Austrian Grand Prix Club web portal.